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Sound Healing course in Rishikesh, India

Created with Sketch. Shanti Makaan, Rishikesh, India
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8 days

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Sound Healing with Singing bowls

Through this course, you will explore the Universe of Sound. There is an infinity of dimensions in the world of Sound, and the more we explore, the more new dimensions unravel. This course will offer you a space to Explore Sound through Feeling, Practicing and Reflecting. It will give you guidelines to share the magic of Sound with others, with the light of some theoretical aspects. You don’t need to have any experience to join this course, any sort of musical skills; the only prerequisite is Curiosity and Openness.

Jayanti Sound Healing
Sound healing workshop in Rishikesh

This course is divided into 2 modules. So you can choose to take any one module or both of them. In module 1, you will learn how to conduct group sessions. Through group sessions, people are guided to an inner journey, with as a guide, Sound. You will be given a sort of “toolbox”, in order for you to create your own way of being with Sound, and getting into sharing it. In module 2, you will learn how to give individual treatments: the person receives a treatment with singing bowls placed on the body which vibrate. The vibration penetrates in, providing Realignment.

Sound healing Module 1 (15 hours) (5 sessions of 3 hours)

  • Learn some elements related to Sound and how to share it, Reflect
  • Explore Sound through receiving sessions and Play with Sound
  • Learn to conduct a group session (Methodology and Teaching practice)

Sound healing Module 2 (6 hours) (2 sessions of 3 hours)

  • Learn to give an individual treatment (Methodology and Teaching practice)
  • Receive and give a session

Your Sound Healing Teacher

Jayanti has designed that course based on her own experience and on her Feel for Sound. The first time she went for a Sound Healing session, she found the Peace and Freedom she was always looking for. She understood from this point that Freedom comes from within. She has received a lot of sessions before learning how to share it and start sharing it. The whole process took several years.

Sound Healing course in Rishikesh
Jayanti facilitates Sound healing sessions for a group of students from Malaysia
Jayanti has been exploring Sound in different forms for a decade: studied western classical music as a child, sang in choirs, always had this love for the Realm of Sounds. She is playing piano and a bit of guitar; now learning Carnatic music. Jayanti’s intention here is to share a platform dedicated to Sound with Truth and Authenticity.

So if you feel a call to it, come and join!

Dates of the course

Every month, please contact us for exact dates or visit Paramita Yoga website for dates and more information about this Sound Healing course in Rishikesh.

Phone +919626650736

Whatsapp +33681202168

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8 days



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Created with Sketch. Shanti Makaan, Rishikesh, India
Created with Sketch.
from $45,00

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