The local cuisine is not as spicy as many imagine it, rather it is fragrant because of the abundance of spices in each dish. Given the religious significance of the place, Rishikesh and the surrounding area mainly serves only vegetarian dishes and soft drinks. By and large, the most popular in the city, the so-called sattvic food prepared in the traditional way. It is served with fresh vegetables, herbs and ingredients grown locally.

The sattvic diet is extremely popular among yogis, who also call it the yogic diet. However, tourists also enjoy the simplicity and richness of this food. Along with traditional Indian dishes, many restaurants serve pizza, pasta, momo (chinese dumplings), chowmein noodles and the other serves continental, European and Chinese cuisine. As in other area of India, in Rishikesh very popular street food: samosas, pakoda and other snacks. For foodies, there are also several upscale world-class restaurants with smooth-shaven waiters in tuxedos.

Tapovan, Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula districts are the dining centers of Rishikesh. Many restaurants and cafes are located on the banks of the Ganges and offer delicious and healthy food. There are both closed air-conditioned and outdoor cafes, which offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Dishes and ingredients of North India

Chapati – Indian bread (Naan and Roti – are variants of Chapati)

Paratha – is a flat bread, usually stuffed with potatoes (or other vegetables and ingredients)

Dal – lentils

Kichiri (kichidi) – stewed rice with beans and spices (sometimes also with vegetables)

Curry sabji – vegetables (sabji) in turmeric-based sauce

Pulao – rice cooked with spices and vegetables

Kofta – vegetarian meatballs (malai kofta – same in creamy sauce)

Tali – (literal translation – plate) combined dish, usually includes: rice, chapati, dal, curry sabji, etc

Samosa – triangular pie with filling

Vegetables and other ingredients: Alu (potatoes), Mattar (peas), Palak (spinach), Gobi (cauliflower), Paneer (local cheese similar to cottage cheese)

Popular drinks in Rishikesh

Lassi – yogurt drink, sometimes mixed with fruit

Chai (masala chai) – milk tea with spices

Sugar cane juice